201: How to Reset Your Home When You Have ADHD

Discover practical and tangible steps to help reset your home environment, especially for those with ADHD, in the latest episode of Joy Loving Home podcast. Rather than offering a quick fix or hack, which might work temporarily, this episode delves into the real reasons we often struggle to reset our lives after a period of chaos.

Often, people with ADHD experience difficulty with resetting because of the inherent chaos of their minds and surroundings. Using a fish-monkey analogy, it is explained that while the world is stationary for neurotypicals (monkeys), it is swirling and constantly changing for those with ADHD (fish). Therefore, it becomes necessary to create strategies for organizing that align with the ADHD brain, as opposed to those that work for neurotypical brains.

This episode isn’t about going back to how things were, or resetting to a time before the chaos. Instead, it encourages you to move forward, making progress, even if in small bits. It advises on simple tasks such as tidying your desk or clearing a corner of a table, reminding you to celebrate these wins with before and after photos. Progress, no matter how small, is still progress.

Finally, this episode invites you to join a membership group where you can participate in accountability challenges as you work towards managing your home. The group provides a supportive community who understands your struggles and celebrates your victories. So choose joy and take a step towards making your home a space of calm amid the chaos.

Membership Group: https://joylovinghome.com/membership

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