202: The Unexpected Benefits of Organizing Without Decluttering

In this potentially controversial episode, I challenge one of the widely accepted approaches to organizing: decluttering first. Listen for a recent example of organizing a closet for a client who wanted to give her husband the gift of organization without making any decluttering decisions on his behalf. Going through this non-standard approach, I reveal interesting insights on how not decluttering can remove stress and decision fatigue.

I share insights on how to make organizing a simpler process by sorting instead of decluttering. Find out how these changes can make your spaces feel fresher without the pressure of giving anything up. I also talk about the unexpected benefit of this approach: It can inadvertently lead you to declutter on your own accord.

Making your home function in a way that works best for you is more important than following organizing steps to a tee. Bonus tip included on how consistent visual elements in your organized spaces can contribute to a feeling of lightness and stress reduction. Tune in to discover a different tactic to decluttering and organizing, and learn how you can benefit from breaking the rules.

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