204: Try This Organizing Hack from a 3 Year Old

In this episode of the podcast, we’re inspired by a YouTube short titled “Three-Year-Old Boy Who Leaves Professional Engineers Shocked”. In the video, a three-year-old child uses a unique approach to fix an unbalanced Lego bridge, showing us how a fresh perspective can redefine problem-solving. Join Joy, a professional organizer, mom of four and fellow fish brain, as we delve into this story and its parallels with organizing our homes. Together, we will learn how to subtract rather than add, and in the process create a joy-loving home.

The thoughts of this three-year-old boy inspire us to view home organization from a different angle. We often believe that the solution to clutter is to buy more organizing products. But what if the answer to more efficient organization is to subtract rather than to add? In this episode, Joy takes us through this philosophy with practical steps applied to a simple kitchen drawer scenario.

The podcast episode will take you through four steps: defining the space, pulling out anything that does not serve the defined function or purpose of the space, removing items that you don’t actually use, and finally, neatening up the space. This subtractive approach to organization, inspired by the wisdom of a three-year-old, aims to unlock better functionality in our homes without the need for additional organizing products.

Join Joy as she tests this ‘Think Like a Three-Year-Old’ approach to declutter some spaces in her kitchen and shares the enlightening results. Embark on this journey to discover the joy of subtraction, declutter your home, and learn how you too can have a joy-loving home. Let’s quit trying to add and start simplifying by subtracting, and in doing so, reshape our perspective on home organization.

YouTube Short: https://youtube.com/shorts/lUIqVFpMquk?si=PYvpF_EJRUISvpGG

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