205: Embrace the Chaos: Your Summer Organizing Hack

Welcome or welcome back to the Joy Loving Home podcast. The summer rhythm is coming, and with it, a whole lot of chaos, spontaneity, and coming and going. With your kids out of school and extra activities aplenty, this season can feel overwhelming. However, in this episode, we explore how you can embrace the chaos with an unusual organizing hack.

The idea is simple: treat your home like a construction site. Like a road construction project that seems to be making little progress, your home can feel the same way in summer. But remember, even though it might look disorganized, something is getting done. The cleaning out, rearranging, and selecting of items for donation or disposal are part of the process. Learn to ride this wave, be spontaneous, and let your motivation guide you. Even when things seem disheveled, know that you’re making progress.By the end of summer, you’ll realize that significant changes were made, even if these changes only begin to come together once kids are back in school. So embrace the chaos that comes with the season and ride along with this unusual organizing hack.

Don’t let the whole summer pass by thinking you can’t get anything done. Find joy in the little things, and the summer chaos will become a season of creativity and freedom.Feel free to reach out, share your stories of summer chaos, and how you are navigating it. Looking forward to hearing from you and possibly doing a follow-up episode at Labor Day. Until then, continue to choose joy. Don’t forget to rate, review, and share the podcast. You can also tag us on Instagram at joylovinghome.Embrace this upcoming summer chaos and the construction phase. Enjoy!

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